One ❤ By Me For You

Limited Edition Creations for Collectors of the Unusual

We believe in the concept of One – One Earth. One Life. One You. Our little venture started because we struggled to find that special something no one else had! Also we’re on a mission to do more of what we love AND have fun doing it!

One ❤ By Me for You is exactly that. We create ONE unique product (no one else can get) especially for YOU :-) Our creation process makes sure each piece is one-of-a-kind and pretty rare because we’re tired of being fashionable sheep! What about you?

One Earth. One Life. One YouOne ❤ By Me for You

Our Limited Edition Creations are born from the love of exploring new places and natural spaces, inspired by time, past, present and future… And driven by the eternal search for the weird and wonderful!

Each collection is packed with awesome, injected with a whole lotta silliness, a dollop of fun and made with overactive imaginations 😀

P.S We love teaching others to create fun stuff too! So be sure to check out the DIY section
in the One ❤ By Me For You Webshop if you wanna make the sh!t out of stuff!

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