One ❤ By Me For You

For People Who Love the planet . And Like Nice Things Too! 🙂

One ❤ By Me For You is about celebrating YOU. And the things that make you tick! It’s about eliminating the world of copycats and fashionable sheep. And being kind to the environment as well.

It’s about slowing down to watch more sunsets from the treehouse you built in your backyard. And swimming in the Great Barrier Reef with Nemo and the gang. Hiking through the rainforests in Borneo. And splashing in puddles on rainy days. If you wanna LOL, have fun and save the planet. Stick around I think we’re gonna be friends for life 🙂

What Will You Find Here?

Here at One ❤ By Me For You I offer 3 things:

Limited Edition Creations

If you’re bored of having the same stuff as everyone else take a look at my creations 🙂 They’re all handmade by me. And are made with thrifted and vintage materials. This makes them one-of-a-kind. They’re perfect for special occasions. Like your best friend having her first baby. Your mom’s 60th birthday, or your brother’s 5 year wedding anniversary.
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Preloved Collections

This is a selection of secondhand treasures that are too good to be buried in the ground!This section is all about recycling and sharing instead of buying brand new. If you love thrifting this one’s for you 🙂
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Creative Projects to DIY with an Ecofriendly twist

If you’re a craft addict who loves to flex those creative muscles. I think you’ll enjoy my DIY section. In the shop there’s a focus on crochet. But on the blog I like to talk about other crafty things I find and do. So don’t forget to click around there too.
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Why these 3 things you ask 🙂

Because I’m on a mission to divert more stuff heading to landfills. I’m always looking for alternatives to throwing stuff away. And I’d like to share them with you. From tips on fixing and mending to ideas for upcycling and living an eco-friendly life. I believe in the concept of ONE – One Earth. One Life. One You. And we can’t have one without the other.

One Earth. One Life. One You.One ❤ By Me for You

My Limited Edition Creations are born from the love of exploring new places and natural spaces, inspired by time, past, present and future… And driven by the eternal search for the weird and wonderful!

Each collection is packed with awesome, injected with a whole lotta silliness, a dollop of fun and made with an overactive imagination 😛

Lifetime Guarantee

All my Limited Edition Creations come with FREE repairs for life! Let’s extend the life of our stuff. Instead of bury it in the ground.

Free Repairs For Life


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