Crochet tips for lefties.

4 Crochet Tips for Lefties :-)

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Crochet tips for lefties. www.onebymeforyou.comThis Thursday I ran our first Beginners Crochet workshop in Canberra, at The Makers Hub. And it rocked! The class was small and intimate so I was able go slowly with each person. Everyone did great they got to grips with co-ordinating the hook and yarn and we covered most of our core stitched in just 2hours so pretty successful for Part 1 of this series 🙂

One of the ladies is left handed so that was a little tricky and took bit longer to grasp the techniques because everything  I was showing her had to be mirrored… And no matter how hard I tried I really couldn’t get my left hand to move! So that gave me the inspiration to teach myself to crochet with my left hand!

Here’s a little video I put together today with 4 very simple tips that makes it easier to crochet with your left hand. Whether you’re left handed and want to learn to crochet or if you just want to train your brain I hope these little tips will help you on your way.

4 Crochet Tips for Lefties

  1. Get comfortable with holding your hook.
  2. Get comfortable with holding your yarn.
  3. Put your ball of yarn on the floor or at least lower than your hands this helped with keeping my tension the same.
  4. Crochet vertically instead of horizontally.

My Results:

Interestingly my techniques with my left hand differ quite a bit from my right, also my tension is so much better when I crochet my left… but it could be because I’m going a lot slower… Either way it’s totally bizarre!

This was a fun exercise! Why not give it a go and tell us about your results in the comments below. And if you do crochet with your left hand already please share any of your tips and tricks you’ve mastered along the way.

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