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Art with nature

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Over the last few days we’ve experienced gusty winds and a bit of rain so as I was walking through Telopea Park today I noticed a lot of debris around me.

Telopea Park is one of the oldest parks in Canberra. The trees in the park are huge and make great roosting grounds for the infamous Cockies (that’s a Cockatoo). I often walk through the park to get to the shops it’s a nice little detour when you’re on foot.

I decided to collect some of the oddly yet beautiful shaped branches scattered on the grass, and thought lets make some art with nature! I remembered all the cool weaving ideas I have been collecting on my Pintrest Board and decided it was time to try one 🙂

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My Art with Nature:

1. Gave the sticks a little bath with some warm soapy water.

Cleaning my sticks for my weaving projects.

2. Let them dry on a towel for a few days

Drying sticks for an art project.


3. Collected some supplies – White Acrylic Paint, Masking Tape, Paint Brush, Mod Podge (optional)

What I used to paint.

4. Used some masking tape to section off the sticks

Masking tape before painting. Art Project.


5. Painted the sticks with a few coats of white acrylic paint and let them dry again.

Painting sticks to make art. Drying after painting. Sitck project.


5. Once dry removed the masking tape. I decided not to use the Mod Podge in the end but if you wanted to seal the sticks this would be a good time to do that.

Painted Sticks for a weaving project.


6. Used the rest of my scrap yarn that wasn’t used to make Mr Scrappy. (Meet Jorgie, the spider, who was my little helper for the day 🙂 )

Wool Scraps for a weaving project. The spider was a bonus.

7. Attached the yarn to the top stick and braided a few strips and attached it to the bottom stick.

TIP: I wedged the top stick between some chair legs to create some tension as I braided my strands of yarn.

Tip to create tension for braiding strands of wool.

  RESULT: Sticks look pretty cool!

And make and awesome art piece for my studio 🙂

Final Artwork. First Wall hanging for my studio.

I will definitely be trying a proper weaving project at some point with the rest of my sticks I picked up but this was a fun and super quick project.

Have you tried any weaving projects? If so what is your top tip to weaving? We’d love to hear from you tell us in the comments below.

Happy Making!

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