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A Charity Challenge: 67 Blankets for Madiba Day

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As we roll into the month of February it’s hard not to notice all the Valentines Day messages and merchandise. What originally started as a pagan festival has become a multi million dollar money-making celebration for many retailers across the globe.

I’ve personally never really understood Valentines day… Why celebrate love only 1 day out of 365??? However no matter what I think the 14th of February will always be there and for many years to come Valentines day will be celebrated and people around the world will shower their loved ones with gifts.

But for me, I’ve decided to spread the love a little wider. I’m going to use the money I would have spent on gifts of adoration and buy more crochet supplies to finish the blanket I’m making for a charity challenge I joined last week 🙂

A Charity Challenge: 67 Blankets for Madiba Day Australia. The start of my blanket.  www.onebymeforyou.com

Basket Weave Stitch – A combination of front and back post stitches worked in groups of 4 + 1

67 Blankets for Madiba Day.

The challenge is “simple” make 67 blankets by the 01 July 2014. The catch – No store-bought blankets allowed each blanket has to be made by hand! Think sewing, knitting, crochet etc. The result – All the blankets will be distributed to those less privileged.

This charity challenge was started in South Africa. There are loads of people who have come together to make blankets and the hype has been so contagious that it’s spread across the seas to Australia. A lady by the name of  Michelle Key was so inspired by what was happening in South Africa that she took it upon herself to do the same for a local charity in Sydney: Dandelion Support Network.

Spread the Love – How to get involved?

For everyone in South Africa:

  • Join the Facebook Group 
  • If you pledge to make a blanket, post it on the page and email Johan Vos: johanv@saxon.co.za, your contact details to hear about events and meet ups.
  • Follow @Carolyn_Steyn, who heads up 67 Blankets for Madiba Day, on Twitter for the latest updates.

For those of you who are in Australia

  • Follow @ConsidritSorted, Michelle Key on Twitter to get the latest updates for Australia
  • Download this flyer : 67-Blankets-for-Madiba-Australia1.pdf and feel free to print it out and place it anywhere you feel would encourage more members to join the challenge e.g. Local churches, play groups, daycare centres, universities etc.

It’s been so much fun to be apart of something like this and watch everything get stitched together (pun intended!) 😉 I think the best parts for me has been the collaboration and the sharing of ideas between complete strangers, the dedication from everyone to learn a new skill and to get stuck into the DIY spirit!

Most of all, to know that in the end someone you’ve never met before will feel loved! I can’t wait to see all the finished blankets!

Happy Making Everyone!

And keep spreading the LOVE.

Spread the Love

PS: I believe this movement has spread to the UK, USA, Canada and India. If anyone has more information about getting involved in these countries please get in touch or leave a comment.

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