This Floppy Pumpkin Hat Crochet Pattern Got Me Into Business

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During my time in Cambodia I taught a group of women to crochet. I noticed that they loved making wooly hats! Not sun hats but beanie style hats. A concept that I couldn’t wrap my head around (no pun intended). I couldn’t understand why you would want to wear a woollen hat when it was  35˚C??? But it was the item of choice and  they had a great time making them 🙂

Their love for making hats was contagious. I too developed this compelling need to crochet a hat! And so I designed The Floppy Pumpkin Hat Crochet Pattern.

The concept:

This hat crochet pattern was inspired by the organic and droopy shapes of pumpkins and I love the bright colour of the delicious fleshy bits too. I wanted the hat to have a bohemian style and a down to earth, care free yet cozy feel.

The Final Product:


I’m loving the final product of my crochet pattern, nice little accessory to add to that winter wardrobe!

It turns out that this floppy pumpkin hat crochet pattern is also the little seed that got me into business. It’s the first crochet pattern I’ve designed and will be available in the shop for purchase 🙂 Feeling pretty excited about it!

The Floppy Pumpkin Hat Crochet Pattern

I've decided to give this pattern away 🙂

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