Make a scarf with a Giant Crochet Hook.

New Toy – Giant Crochet Hook

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Giant crochet hooks and knitting needles have become the new craze in the last few years. And yes I’m a bit late to the party! But I guess it’s better late than never 🙂

With all the hype of big knitting and crochet I figured I should see what all the fuss is about. So as new leaves start to form on all the bare branches and pretty little pink blossoms emerge. I thought it would be a good time to explore a new crochet technique.

What is extreme crochet?

Well it’s normal crochet but with giant tools. Think thick, chunky crochet hooks and super-sized yarn.

Finding my Tools:

The first task was trying to find new tools. I searched for weeks trying to find secondhand giant crochet hooks and in the end I failed misserably!

So I went with the next best thing – support a small business. I went online and found a shop on Etsy called Brilliant Knitting. I decided to give them try as they’ve been around since 2008, their pricing was reasonable. And their reviews where pretty good.

I decided not to buy super-sized yarn and used 3 balls of super bulky yarn I had in my stash.

Giant Crochet Hook and Super Bulky Yarn.

I decided my first attempt at extreme crochet would be a scarf which would be great for the 3 out of 4 seasons 🙂

The results?


Well lets just say it was rather satisfying. With the chunky yarn and big hook your project works up super fast! Although the bigger hook did take a bit of getting used to to start.

If you’d like to make this scarf yourself here’s the pattern:

You’ll need:

  • 25mm Hook
  • 3 Colours of super bulky yarn (about 85m of each)

Holding all 3 strands together make a slip knot.

Pattern written in abbreviated American English Crochet Terminology.

R1: Ch 12, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 10st, ch 1 trn (11st)

R2: Sc in next 11st, ch 1 trn (11st)

Rep R2 until piece measures 120cm from beginning to end.

(Don’t bind off)

Finishing: Fold piece in half, sl st the two open ends together.

Weave in ends.


  1. If you want a super chunky scarf keep repeating R2 to make a longer piece.
  2. Use a smaller hook to help weave in ends. ????????????

If you make this scarf I’d love to see it tag me on Instagram @onebymeforyou #onebymeforyou Happy making!

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