Help baby kangaroos, victims of bushfires.

Help Sew a Joey Pouch

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As we all spent January recovering from the epic festive season we look onto the rest of the year with bright eyes and bushy tails. Today I looked at my calendar and see the next “Big” event is Valentines Day. As most sit and wonder what to do for Valentines Day, I’ve decided to carry on a tradition that I started last year – Spread the Love a little wider and do something for charity.

Last year I used the money, I would’ve spent on a valentines gift, and bought yarn to make a blanket for Madiba Day. The charity challenge was to collectively make 67 Blankets by the 1 July 2014. The buzz around this event was so much fun and I met some lovely ladies along the way.

This year I’ve decided to help our furry little friends in Australia. In the second week of January the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) put out a call for help, they were looking for people to help sew Koala Mittens.

These mittens would be used to help protect the paws of Koalas who became victims of bush fires. Not even a week went by and they had been inundated with mittens from around the world.

Help Sew A Joey Pouch

Although they don’t need anymore mittens they are turning their focus on other wildlife that’ll need help from the effects of bush fires, these include possums, kangaroos and wallabies. The orphaned joeys will need to be kept in a “pouch” to keep warm.

So if you’d like to help these little guys stay warm here is a pattern for a joey pouch.

Help sew Joey Pouches.

Photo Credit: Yon Veenstra.  |  Photo Source: IFAW Website:

All sewn pouches can be sent to:

IFAW at 6 Belmore Street, Surry Hills 2010

The IFAW have taken the high cost of shipping into consideration and have asked people outside of Australia who would still like to help to consider donating to the IFAW or signing up to their mailing list so they can be alerted of opportunities to help animals in the future.

I’ll be posting on my joey pouch making soon, until then… Happy Making!



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