Wedding present made with Lego

How I made LEGO Wall Art for a Wedding Gift

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Looking through some old photos I came across this little project that I never got around to talking about. This LEGO Wall Art was a wedding present for my sister in-law and her now husband. Unfortunately I don’t have any work in progress pics to show the step by step tutorial but hopefully I’ll be able to explain how I did it. Here’s a quick rundown of how I used Lego to DIY their Wedding Gift:

LEGO DIY Wedding Gift

Tools I used:

  1. Variety of LEGO bricks
  2. 1 x LEGO Baseboard
  3. 4 x LEGO Coupling Plates 2 x 2 with hole
  4. Keyring Chains
  5. Plywood the same size as the baseboard
  6. Picture hanging kit
  7. Good glue that will stick wood and plastic together (I used shoe glue which sticks anything together but just ask for a recommendation at your local hardware store.)


The first thing I did was get a personal message engraved on the back of the plywood. I found a small company called Cut Laser Cut, in Vauxhall, London who would do the job 🙂

Laser engraved message


Once I got the plywood back from the laser cutters, I attached wire and hooks from my picture hanging kit  to the plywood as instructed on the packaging.

Step 3:

It was time to stick the base plate and the plywood together.

  1. Coat the back of both surfaces with glue and wait until the glue is tacky
  2. Carefully line up the baseboard and plywood and apply pressure
  3. Leave for 24hrs to ensure glue dries full

NB: Depending on the glue you land up using this step will be slightly different so be sure to read the instructions on the glue before you start and remember to work in a well ventilated area!

Step 4:

Next I started with the fun part playing with LEGO and building up the design!

I knew I wanted a heart and the initials of the couple besides that I didn’t quite have a plan I just started building and went with the flow. Also the bricks I had were super random so I just used what I had… So my advice here is to just have fun with it and get creative!

Looking at my final design it’s pretty symmetrical. If you’d like to achieve this for your own LEGO wall art this is my trick:

Lego wall art and key chains

  1. Group all the same pieces together before you start
  2. Work one brick at a time on left then right. Literally lay one brick down on the left and then the same brick on the right. This kept it pretty controlled and left less room for error.

Step 5:

Attach the keyring chains to the hole of the LEGO coupling plates and stick those to the base plate.

That’s it! LEGO Wall Art Done!

So simple and so much fun to play with Lego again! It’s been over a decade! The LEGO heart + the initials worked out quite nicely. It makes a nice pixel art effect. I like the fact that it doubles as an artwork and somewhere to put your keys. Practical and Fun 🙂

If you’ve made any LEGO wall art before we’d love to see it tag us on instagram @onebymeforyou and #onebymeforyou

Have fun playing everyone!

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