How to make Bunny Ear Headbands.

How to make a Bunny Ear Headband – Happy Easter :-)

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Earlier in the week while catching up with my sister over a delicious glass of red  wine she mentioned that they were having an Easter Egg Hunt at work and of course I got über excited and offered to make a bunny ear headband for her, to my disappointment she said no 🙁 However I really shouldn’t have been surprised because today at my Mom and Dad’s I found this photo of us from many many Easters ago…

Little Bunnies.

And yes it was a total LOL moment because I remembered that every Easter until the age of 12 I would draw a nose and whiskers on our faces and make a pair of bunny ears for each of us and every time my sister would refuse to wear the ears…

Today for old times sake I’m going to share how I used to make the Bunny Ear Headbands and with a little help from technology, this will only take 3 easy steps  🙂

  1. Download and Print out this PDF onto thicker paper (Note: you will need Adobe Reader version 7 or higher. Download free software here:
  2. Cut out the Ears.
  3. Using Magic Tape, stick the ears to a headband.

Ta Da! Easy As!

Super quick to make and perfect to wear for easter egg hunts 🙂

How to make Bunny Ear Headbands.


Happy Eggs and Bunny weekend!


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