Netted Orange Bags upcycle project.

Winter Is Coming! Need More Oranges!

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

08:45 on a Monday morning I find myself stuck under the armpit of a man in a business suit on my train into Melbourne CBD. Lucky for me he’s wearing cologne and not coughing on me 🙂 Because this morning EVERYONE is sniffling. Has a snotty nose or couching their lungs out! 🙁 I count my blessings but bury my head deeper into my scarf. And wish I had walked into the city instead. The germaphobe in me is screaming don’t touch anything and try not to share the same air as everyone… LOL! Impossible I know. But it’s a …

How To Sew Reusable Cotton Pads.

Sew Up Some Reusable Cotton Pads

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Last week I shared a crochet pattern to make reusable cotton pads. And while I was making them I thought of all of you who can’t crochet (yet 😉 ) And came up with another way to make them. If you can sew you can make these too! How To Sew Reusable Cotton Pads from Fabric Scraps: You’ll need: I’ve made my cotton pads 8 x 8 cm. But you can make them as big as ya want Step 1: Cut you fabric double the size of your final square. In my case 16 x 16cm Step 2: Fold in half. And …

How To Crochet Reusable Cotton Pads.

Get Rid of Scrap Yarn Like a Hamster Eating Noodles

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Today I found this scrap vintage cotton yarn in my stash. And decided to make some reusable cotton pads to replace cotton balls I use to remove my make up. This was such a quick project I felt like this hamster eating noodles Here’s the pattern if you wanna make some too. Crochet Reusable Cotton Pads: NOTE: Pattern is written in American English Terminology. Materials: Hook = 4mm | Yarn = DK weight Abbreviations: ch – Chain sc – Single Crochet sl st – Slip Stitch st(s) – Stitch(es) R – Row This pattern makes 8 x 8cm square. It’s …

2017 Year of the Fire Rooster.

2017 The Year of the Fire Rooster

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Ok so I had all the intentions to release a free crochet pattern for Chinese New Year again this year. But it kinda snuck up on me! Embarrassingly I thought I still had buckets of time. I was expecting New Year’s in mid – late Feb. Like it usually is.   But as the Chinese Year follows the cycle of the moon it landed on the 28th of Jan instead! Doh!   So you can imagine how surprised I was when I woke up to New Years messages from my family in South Africa.   Even though I’ve totally missed …

One Crochet Pattern. And A Whole Lotta Possibilities.

One Pattern = Whole Lotta Possibilities.

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

For ages I’ve been wanting to crochet cute fur babies. But I’ve had other projects keeping me busy. I kept pushing the doggies to the bottom of the make list. Then a few weeks ago I heard our friends who had returned from a stint in Japan found themselves new digs. I figured this would be my chance to make my dogs. They’d make the cutest housewarming gift. They were moving into an apartment so a real dog was out of the question 😉 I’ve had my eye on the crochet patterns in Ami Ami Dogs by Mitsuki Hoshi and …

How To Fix The Innersoles of Your Shoes.

How to fix the Innersoles of your Shoes

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

A couple of weeks ago my favourite shoes in the whole widest world fell apart!!! 🙁 The innersoles came out and one of them has a massive hole in it! To be fair I have had these bad boys for about 3 years now and almost wear them everyday. Yes they get a little stinky. Determined to fix them I pulled my studio apart to see if I had everything I needed. And lucky the Universe had my back 🙂 This is what I found. And what you’ll need if you wanna do this at home: Nice piece of thick board …

A Quick Fix for your Craft Addiction - Craft for Charity.

Quick Fix For Your Craft Addiction

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Do your friends and family sometimes look at you like you have a craft addiction? Are they starting to get suspicious when you suggest meeting for a coffee near your favourite craft store? So you’re addicted to making stuff. Yes I understand! Because I have this addiction too. I bet you’re the type of person who: Spends more money on craft supplies to make a gift. Refuses to buy something if you can make it yourself. Can’t relax without your crochet hook in hand. Your craft addiction has you hands trembling with withdrawals. And you’re desperate for your next fix. But here …

Make a scarf with a Giant Crochet Hook.

New Toy – Giant Crochet Hook

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Giant crochet hooks and knitting needles have become the new craze in the last few years. And yes I’m a bit late to the party! But I guess it’s better late than never 🙂 With all the hype of big knitting and crochet I figured I should see what all the fuss is about. So as new leaves start to form on all the bare branches and pretty little pink blossoms emerge. I thought it would be a good time to explore a new crochet technique. What is extreme crochet? Well it’s normal crochet but with giant tools. Think thick, chunky crochet hooks …

How to make a reversible drawstring bag.

How to Make A Reversible Drawstring bag

Nicole Behind the Scenes, Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a story on Instagram. It was about the making of the packaging for my baby booties. And lots of people messaged me to find out more about it. So I decided to write a blog post 🙂 I can’t begin to tell you how many iterations I’ve gone through. It’s been years of trial and error. And has developed as I’ve learnt more about sustainable design. The packaging started off as an origami box made with tracing paper. Then I decided to use various versions of gift boxes. And paper bags. Not loving these options I went …

Recycled Scarf Project. I turned an old scarf into mittens and a bear snood.

My Recycle Scarf Project : Old Scarf turns into 2 New Winter Accessories

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

On one of my quarterly wardrobe declutters I came across an old crochet scarf that my sister made for me. As I pulled it out I wondered why I haven’t worn it this winter… Then I noticed it’s little injury 🙁 Yes the corner of my handmade scarf got snagged on a nail. It had been sitting in my mending pile for a few months before we moved apartments. The scarf got buried in the back of my wardrobe instead of in my mending pile and I’d forgotten about it. So here I was with two options do I fix the scarf …

FREE Yoda Crochet Pattern

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

As an 80’s kid I’m naturally a huge fan of scrunchies, leg warmers, neon colours and Star Wars! The movies taught me to fight for everything good in the world no matter how cunning the darkness is. I practice my Jedi training every chance I get 😉 But it’s hard without a teacher… So for 4th of May 2016, Star Wars Day. I decided to design a crochet pattern based on a Star Wars character. I looked at my yarn stash and I had all the colours to make Yoda. Perfect! I gathered my reference pictures. Mapped out my designs…   The more technical side of my creation …

How to make shorts more fitted.

Alterations: How to Make Shorts More Fitted

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

The other day my husband Mike walked into my studio wearing his training shorts. He complained that he looked like he was wearing Dad Pants! And yes I did have to agree they were unflattering and looked like he was a 5 year old wearing his dad’s shorts 🙁 . He’s had these shorts for over 8 years and besides the horrible fit they’ve got another 30 wears in them (at least!). Mike didn’t want to throw them out but hated feeling uncomfortable in his training gear. So he asked if I could alter them for him. Thrilled by his …

Precious Metal Clay tools. Workshop with The World Rocks Jewellery.

5 Fun Facts About Precious Metal Clay

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

On my last trip back to South Africa I spent an evening with my uncle. We looked through his collection of semi precious stones. I learnt about the different grades and what makes some stones more valuable than others. I also saw black jade for the first time and learnt about some stones that I didn’t even know existed. At the end of the evening he gave me a peridot which is my birthstone. Coming back to Australia I tried for months to figure out what I could do with my peridot…  Then one day my friend Cindy from The World …

FREE Monkey Crochet Pattern: Celebrating the Year of the Fire Monkey

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

2016 in the Chinese calendar marks the year of the fire monkey. And I thought it would be fun to create a free monkey crochet pattern to celebrate this year! As I started playing around with pattern ideas. And I was struggling to visualise my monkey’s face… When my friend, Wita, over at DESIGN IS YAY posted an awesome pic on her Instagram account for a free printable. I fell in love with her little monkeys! Which became a huge inspiration for this monkey crochet pattern! Chinese new year falls on February 8th this year. So I’ve got these Year of Monkey …

How to make a 5 Strand Braid.

Wanna learn to make a 5 Strand Braid?

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

I love braiding my hair, it’s like weaving just without the heafty equipment but just as therapeutic. Also it’s the perfect way to hide your dirty hair 🙂 Although dirty hair is actually easier to braid than super duper clean hair. A bit of history – My Mom is the braiding queen and everything I learnt about hairstyles was from my mom. I remember growing up my sister Chloe and I were always complimented for our hair. We were the only kids in school with awesome braids anything from pigtails, french braid, reverse french braid to fishtail. The best part …

Superhero Crochet Patterns by Mary Smith.

FREE Superhero Crochet Patterns

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Every year we’ve tried to do a thing or two for charity and this year was no different. One of our customers, who does a lot of work for the Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation, approached us to make some Superhero Characters as a donation for their annual ball, taking place on the 3 Oct 2015. Without hesitation, I took on the project to make one superhero and promised to see if I could find other people to help make the others. Looking through the superhero crochet patterns by the very talented Mary Smith I decided to make Spidey. After asking around …

My weekend getaway winter accessory - slouchy beanie.

Slouchy Beanie Free Crochet Pattern. A Fun winter accessory.

Chloe Wong Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

I had a weekend getaway to Dullstroom coming up and the weather wasn’t looking very warm – single digits was what my weather app was showing me! I definitely needed a beanie to keep my ears and head warm (hmmm… And maybe a cool new winter accessory too 😉 ) After searching I found a slouchy beanie free crochet pattern by Vickie Howell. I decided to use some leftover yarn from another project and a 5mm (H) hook as specified in the pattern. Overall, I thought the pattern was really easy to follow, but I did struggle with the puff …

My Ridiculous Black Thumb. Why are you sleeping plant?

My Ridiculous Black Thumb and What I Do About it

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

I have a ridiculous black thumb, actually I think I have two! I just can’t seem to keep any of my plants alive! With that said it’s not stopped me from trying… Although I am starting to get a complex and I really don’t want to be seen as the plant murderer. With a little bit of an obsession with cacti, I thought I’d give succulents a go especially after seeing this video of them blooming. Yes mother nature at her best! *sigh* AMAZES 🙂 Freaky Flowers: Echinopsis Cacti in Bloom from EchinopsisFreak on Vimeo. However I managed to kill them …

How I Kill Blue Days at the office.

How I Kill Blue Days? Crochet Fruit Coasters :-)

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Do you ever have blue days? When you sitting at your desk and you just wish you were somewhere else.  Do you ever close your eyes, count to 10 and imagine you were outside with the sun on your back the wind in your hair and not a care in the world? Then reality sinks in and you realise you’re stuck in the office until the clock strikes 5. A whole 8 hours before you can head on home to your sanctuary. Yes, I to know this feeling all to well! And yes it’s sad but true that these feelings …

Colour Block Jumper Pattern.

Colour Block Jumper Pattern

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

So the other day I stumbled on this free colour block jumper pattern. I loved the idea of the colour block and without hesitation went to download it. I like saving the digital crochet patterns (any patterns for that matter) to my smart phone or tablet it makes it so much easier to crochet on the go! The Pattern It’s a really easy crochet pattern and great for someone who’s wanting to try a bit of shaping. It’s important to note that the pattern is written using British English Crochet Terminology opposed to the American English Terminology. If you need a …

Birthday Doodle Puzzle Artwork.

Puzzle Artwork – An Alternative Gift Idea

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

A while back I bought a blank puzzle from Muji, at the time I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it but the idea of making my own puzzle was really cool! When I got home I put the puzzle in a “safe place” so it wouldn’t get damaged and then totally forget about it… A few weeks before Mike’s birthday I was brainstorming birthday present ideas with little success… When I had a light bulb moment! I remembered I had bought the blank puzzle. Yay! It was PERFECT! Then I was faced with a second obstacle: Where the hell did …

Help baby kangaroos, victims of bushfires.

Help Sew a Joey Pouch

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

As we all spent January recovering from the epic festive season we look onto the rest of the year with bright eyes and bushy tails. Today I looked at my calendar and see the next “Big” event is Valentines Day. As most sit and wonder what to do for Valentines Day, I’ve decided to carry on a tradition that I started last year – Spread the Love a little wider and do something for charity. Last year I used the money, I would’ve spent on a valentines gift, and bought yarn to make a blanket for Madiba Day. The charity challenge …

Collected Sticks to make art.

Art with nature

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Over the last few days we’ve experienced gusty winds and a bit of rain so as I was walking through Telopea Park today I noticed a lot of debris around me. Telopea Park is one of the oldest parks in Canberra. The trees in the park are huge and make great roosting grounds for the infamous Cockies (that’s a Cockatoo). I often walk through the park to get to the shops it’s a nice little detour when you’re on foot. I decided to collect some of the oddly yet beautiful shaped branches scattered on the grass, and thought lets make some …

Portraits of a Tea Cosy Exhibition, Canberra.

The Tea Cosy – A Heirloom Gift

Nicole Inspiring Things, Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

We’ve been in Canberra for almost 17 months and making a trip to the CRAFT ACT Museum has been on my to do list since we arrived. Then the other day whilst picking up supplies for my crochet workshops I finally popped in to check it out! The space itself was much smaller than I imagined but as I walked into the space I squealed with excitement as the Portraits of a Tea Cosy was on display! The cosies were amazing bright, bold and rather elaborate. My favourite was The Emperor’s New Tea Cosy 🙂 which of course made me chuckle …

Guide to Sewing Hems

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Spring has surely sprung for all of us in the southern hemisphere and love is in the air it’s awesome to see all the birds building nests and doing their little mating dance 🙂 Every morning I’m waking up to the lovely sound their chirping and rays of sunshine blasting through the curtains.   As the days are getting warmer I’m excited to finally put all my winter gear away and get out my summer dresses.   And in honour of this glorious sunshine I’d like to share this fab eBook from Colette Patterns. If you ever had a phobia …

Yarn Scraps.

This is My Favourite Scrap Yarn Project

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

I have to confess that my bag of scraps is getting out of control! Looking at those little balls of yarn I see an epic nightmare of untangling waiting to happen.  So I took a deep breath and decided that today was the day to sort out my bag of scrap yarn. Thinking of scrap yarn projects as I separated and sorted a gazillion little balls, I had a light bulb moment when I remembered a pattern I found a few years ago on Ravelry.  Amigurumi, Mr. Scrappy, scrap animal by Stacey Trock.  This free pattern is easy to follow, and you don’t have to use the …

Halloween Pumpkin.

Last Minute Halloween Costume

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

So you’ve put off sorting out your halloween costume for the past few weeks, in the hopes that the perfect idea will land in your lap and now you’ve got less than a day to pull something awesome out the bag… Yup totes know the feeling! Here’s a last minute halloween costume that will save the day! Unleash that wildside and get your paws on this free printable to make cute animal ears. Things you’ll need to complete this project: Hair pins A printer Scissors Glue Instructions: Click to: download the pdf Print Cut Stick Grab an eyeliner and draw on your … proud sponsors of The Maker's Day 2014

The Maker’s Day 2014

Nicole Events, Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

This year we were proud sponsors of The Maker’s Day 2014. This is a market styled event for crafters, designers, artists and well anyone who’s interested in making stuff. In one day you were able to try a whole bunch of mini workshops 🙂 Event Hosts and organiser Mikaela Danvers from Canberra Creatives seriously out did herself in creating a jam-packed day of FUN! FUN! FUN! Here’s a glimpse of some workshops that took place on the 06 September 2014 at the Majura Community Centre, 2 Rosever Pl, Dickson ACT. You could create a personalised artwork with Design is Yay‘s Silhouette art workshop or learn to …

Upcycle Textiles into Yarn and Crochet anything you want.

Upcycle Textiles into Yarn

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

I’m super excited for my Upcycle Textiles into Yarn Workshop that I’ll be teaching at The Maker’s Hub, Canberra in September! This 3 hour workshop is a skills based opposed to project based, which means you’ll learn simple techniques to upcycle any form of textiles into yarn. The thing I love about using upcycled materials in my crochet projects is; you can transform a simple crochet (or knitting or weaving) pattern into something extraordinary! The course comes with a detailed eBook filled with pictures and instructions. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything after the workshop. I’ve also included 4 crochet patterns …

How to Upcycle a Maxi Dress into 2 New Outfits

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Going through cupboards seems to be my thing for my recent trip back to South Africa. “Shopping” in my mom’s cupboard is nothing new, my sister and I have been doing this for years now.  But this time round I got to go “shopping” in my sister’s cupboard as well! BONUS! Always the most rewarding and cheapest shopping spree 😀 And a nice way to recycle clothes. Although I pulled out lots of wonderful items, there were some that just didn’t suit me, but I loved the fabric and none of us had the heart to toss them out, so …

Funky Nails - Gradient Effect.

Funky Nails. 3 Techniques. Get the Wow Factor

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

If someone had to ask me  what accessory I couldn’t live without I’d have to say NAIL POLISH! There are millions of fun colours and effects that it’s so simple to do it yourself. Funky nails always adds a bit of fun to any outfit and can be a conversation starter 🙂 I find the process rather therapeutic but most of all it makes my hands happy 😀 POST UPDATE January 2016: I’ve come a long way on my green journey since writing this post back in 2014. As mentioned above my outfit never felt complete without nail polish. As I continue to research …

Pallet up-cycled to a toothbrush and shaver stand.

Upcycled Pallets – Dad’s DIY Project, Inspires Woodwork

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

If any of you have a Pintrest account there is no doubt that you’ve come across a gazillion pins on upcycled pallets that have been made into furniture, storage, decor for home or garden… the list goes on and on… Anything you could possibly imagine it can probably be done! And yes I am totally addicted to collecting DIY tips and tutorials to upcycle pallets. However with the lack of space in our apartment, actually trying any of these projects will have to be put on the back burner for a little longer. Until we have a backyard and neighbours who are further …

Crochet tips for lefties.

4 Crochet Tips for Lefties :-)

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

This Thursday I ran our first Beginners Crochet workshop in Canberra, at The Makers Hub. And it rocked! The class was small and intimate so I was able go slowly with each person. Everyone did great they got to grips with co-ordinating the hook and yarn and we covered most of our core stitched in just 2hours so pretty successful for Part 1 of this series 🙂 One of the ladies is left handed so that was a little tricky and took bit longer to grasp the techniques because everything  I was showing her had to be mirrored… And no …

How to make Bunny Ear Headbands.

How to make a Bunny Ear Headband – Happy Easter :-)

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Earlier in the week while catching up with my sister over a delicious glass of red  wine she mentioned that they were having an Easter Egg Hunt at work and of course I got über excited and offered to make a bunny ear headband for her, to my disappointment she said no 🙁 However I really shouldn’t have been surprised because today at my Mom and Dad’s I found this photo of us from many many Easters ago… And yes it was a total LOL moment because I remembered that every Easter until the age of 12 I would draw a nose and whiskers …

Quality Time Gift Voucher let's have a Movie Night.

A Creative Way to Get More Quality Time with Your Loved Ones

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Ok so TIME has been on my mind a lot lately. More importantly QUALITY TIME! I feel like it’s always “Go! Go! Go!” and we often find it hard to spend quality time with our friends and family. And the only time we really make a concerted effort is around holidays, birthdays or special occasions. This got me thinking wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to give a little something to show our appreciation or to say “Hey we need to hang out more!” or just because we felt like it AND would help us keep to our social appointments. …

Spread the Love

A Charity Challenge: 67 Blankets for Madiba Day

Nicole Events, Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

As we roll into the month of February it’s hard not to notice all the Valentines Day messages and merchandise. What originally started as a pagan festival has become a multi million dollar money-making celebration for many retailers across the globe. I’ve personally never really understood Valentines day… Why celebrate love only 1 day out of 365??? However no matter what I think the 14th of February will always be there and for many years to come Valentines day will be celebrated and people around the world will shower their loved ones with gifts. But for me, I’ve decided to …

This Floppy Pumpkin Hat Crochet Pattern Got Me Into Business

Nicole Behind the Scenes, Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

During my time in Cambodia I taught a group of women to crochet. I noticed that they loved making wooly hats! Not sun hats but beanie style hats. A concept that I couldn’t wrap my head around (no pun intended). I couldn’t understand why you would want to wear a woollen hat when it was  35˚C??? But it was the item of choice and  they had a great time making them 🙂 Their love for making hats was contagious. I too developed this compelling need to crochet a hat! And so I designed The Floppy Pumpkin Hat Crochet Pattern. The …

Make Do. MEND Those Clothes!

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

In 2011 I set myself a personal challenge: to wear a different outfit everyday AND no shopping was allowed! After about 2.5 years I did eventually break the no shopping rule during my travels in Cambodia. However during that time I did learn to make do by mending my clothes and ever since then I’ve carried on this little habbit. So yesterday I glanced over at a pile of clothes that has been growing over the past months. Inspecting each item I was reminded that each one needed a bit of tender loving care. I decided it was time to stop procrastinating …

Blanket Bunny

Crochet on the go :-)

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

The beauty of Crochet is it’s a mobile craft, you don’t have any heavy equipment and the supplies are quite easy to get in most countries, and as a big time traveler it’s the perfect craft for me! Now a days with the help of technology it’s even easier to crochet on the go! You can instantly download patterns from the internet directly to your smartphone or even save them to the cloud and pull them up when you need to make a quick present. And with the craft culture making a comeback there’re a lot more craft stores popping …

Industrial Sewing Machine

Sewing Vintage Style

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Most of the sewing machines here in Cambodia can be manually operated as well as motorised. This is because many of the buildings don’t always have electricity for one reason or another. However come rain or shine work has to be done in order to pay the bills… Today I took a step back in time and  learnt to make buttonholes by sewing vintage style – MANUALLY! Using a fairly old industrial looking Janome sewing machine it took a lot of coordination working the foot pedal and the balance wheel. The trick was to get the two parts of the machine working …

Booklet added to Notebook

A Quick Bookbinding Tutorial with No Fancy Tools

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

My journal has started running out of pages and I’m not ready to start a new one just yet. So I decided add some extra pages to my existing one. That way I could keep my doodles, inspirations and other odds and sods close by if I needed to look back at my notes. And No I’m not sentimental at all… 😛 With this bright idea there was just one small challenge all my craft tools have been packed and en-route down under. After a bit of rummaging I managed to find a few thing that would do the job. …

Origami Kusudama Flowers

Night in with Wine and Origami Flowers

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

I’ve been wanting to make some origami flowers for ages and finally decided to try it out. Found a really easy tutorial here. Poured a glass of wine and away we go… I used some old printer paper that was lying around.   And some sticks, I collected on one of my evening walks in the park.   I used all-purpose UHU glue bought from Fred Aldous, to stick the bits together.     I had a drop of wine left over and decided it would be a good idea to stain the tips of the petals to give my origami …

Same Same But Different

Same Same but Different – A Crochet Experiment

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

With all the crocheting I’ve been teaching my hands have been itching to start a project of my own. It so happened on one of my infamous Skype sessions with my sister, Chloe mentioned she was crocheting a shrug. I figured this would be a fun crochet experiment for us to follow the same pattern and see the difference (if any) in the final product… The Pattern Canyon shrug by Lion Brand Yarn (free pattern) Pattern # L30117 Their iPhone App has patterns for crochet and knitting it was a pretty cool find. Of course they only mention their yarn in …

Before Legs

Scrub-a-dub-dub – How to Make Coffee Body Scrub

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

I woke up this morning with my skin feeling a little dry and tired especially my knees, heels and elbows. They are starting to look like they belong to an old man 🙁 With that lovely image in mind I decided an exfoliation was in order! Instead of a trip to the spa, I thought I’d save the cash for another excursion on our travels and make my own body scrub 🙂 Luckily for me my husband is a coffee fanatic. He travels with an aeropress and a hand grinder, so a coffee scrub was a workable option. Side note: At the moment we …

All glued together

Take a Break, Make a Pair of Shoes :-)

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

For the past week, we’ve been super busy trying to pack up our life in London and prepare for our big move to Australia. Yesterday, I found a bit of green leather, and thought it would be a good idea to take a break from all the packing and make a pair of shoes! Ballet pumps to be exact 🙂 The glue used for shoe making is really strong so it’s always a good idea to work in a well ventilated area. Miraculously it was a beautiful day in London so it was the perfect opportunity for this project and …

Easter Egg Roll

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Today when I arrived at my in-laws for Easter I was surprised to see newspapers covering the kitchen table, eggs, crayons and what looked pots of ink… Seeing the extremely puzzled look on my face my mother in-law explained we were going to do a bit of egg decorating before dinner. Then after dinner, we would take our eggs and roll them down the driveway. As you can imagine the puzzled look on my face got more puzzled so my father in-law jumped in to explain this is called the Easter Egg Roll which is an old tradition that he …

Dodo's Wedding

Upcycle an Old Bridesmaid Dress

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

In February 2012 I was a bridesmaid for my best friend. The dresses she chose for us were gorgeous. Elegant and flattering on all eight of her bridesmaids! Although the dress could be worn again to any black tie event, I must be honest invitations to such formal events are pretty rare for me these days… So today I decided to upcycle an old bridesmaid dress into something I’d get more wear out of also with another lot of weddings coming up I’m pretty sure it will come in handy! Upcycle an Old Bridesmaid Dress in 4 Steps: Removed the …

Wedding present made with Lego

How I made LEGO Wall Art for a Wedding Gift

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Looking through some old photos I came across this little project that I never got around to talking about. This LEGO Wall Art was a wedding present for my sister in-law and her now husband. Unfortunately I don’t have any work in progress pics to show the step by step tutorial but hopefully I’ll be able to explain how I did it. Here’s a quick rundown of how I used Lego to DIY their Wedding Gift: LEGO DIY Wedding Gift Tools I used: Variety of LEGO bricks 1 x LEGO Baseboard 4 x LEGO Coupling Plates 2 x 2 with hole Keyring Chains …

The Art of Making Lace

The Beautiful Art of Making Lace

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Today I met Sri Romi, in Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka who showed me the extremely time consuming, intricate and delicate traditional craft of making lace. I’ve always been a fan of lace. Amazed at the fine detail and delicate nature, it brings a certain sense of luxury to any piece of fabric. As a confident crocheter I’ve still never been able to make a big enough piece of lace because it takes FOREVER! The method Sri Romi uses is called Bobbin Lace. Using thin cotton thread she weaves, twists and braids each strand to create beautiful pieces of fabric. A piece that …

Re-upcycle - Upcycling to the max! Bed sheet to Wedding Dress to Dress.


Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

The thing I hate with formal dresses is that you can rarely re-wear them over and over again. For a few reasons: Everyone will have seen you in the same dress you were in at the last event Formal dresses can rarely be accessorised to look like a totally new dress There’s always a chance that someone else will be wearing the same dress as you! So with my sister-inlaws wedding coming up I had a decision to make – What the hell was I going to wear?!? Pondering on this question for months I had a light bulb moment! …