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The Maker’s Day 2014

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This year we were proud sponsors of The Maker’s Day 2014. This is a market styled event for crafters, designers, artists and well anyone who’s interested in making stuff.

In one day you were able to try a whole bunch of mini workshops 🙂

Event Hosts and organiser Mikaela Danvers from Canberra Creatives seriously out did herself in creating a jam-packed day of FUN! FUN! FUN!

Here’s a glimpse of some workshops that took place on the 06 September 2014 at the Majura Community Centre, 2 Rosever Pl, Dickson ACT.

You could create a personalised artwork with Design is Yay‘s Silhouette art workshop or learn to make a floral creation with Miss Myrtle. Floral Studio. You could even make some jewellery with The World Rocks! Jewellery designs and LLL Desigs. Learn about Ezy Press and DIstress Ink blending with the ladies from Kaszazz. Or get the inside scoop for deconstructing pallets from the pro’s at boyandgirlco. As you can see with only four hours there was a shit load to see and do!

Plus there were 100 Goodie Bags stuffed with AWESOMENESS (you needed a bit of muscle to carry it around 😉 and a serious crafty buzz that filled the air as everyone got their make on 😉

But don’t take my word for it. Check out this video by Anthea & Lyndon Photography to get a taste of the creative vibe of an incredible day!


Artwork designed by Canberra Creatives

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