FREE Monkey Crochet Pattern: Celebrating the Year of the Fire Monkey

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2016 in the Chinese calendar marks the year of the fire monkey. And I thought it would be fun to create a free monkey crochet pattern to celebrate this year!

As I started playing around with pattern ideas. And I was struggling to visualise my monkey’s face…

Designing my free monkey crochet pattern.
When my friend, Wita, over at DESIGN IS YAY posted an awesome pic on her Instagram account for a free printable. I fell in love with her little monkeys! Which became a huge inspiration for this monkey crochet pattern!

It also happens the I’ll be missing Wita’s baby shower next week 🙁 which sparked another idea! The free monkey crochet pattern is in honor of all the little monkeys born in the next lunar year. This will run from 8 Feb 2016 – 27 Jan 2017!

Double celebrations! Yay! So excited I could pop! ???? (pun intended!)

Do you know anyone who’s having a baby this year? Why not crochet them a little monkey?

I had so much fun creating Boomer the Monkey and he’s my first amigurumi project for 2016! I used some thrifted vintage cotton yarn which was just amazing to work with.
Work in progress shot - My free monkey crochet pattern.
Stuffing the bits - Free Monkey Crochet Pattern.
Work in progress shot - My free monkey crochet pattern.
Boomer Sitting in his Sleeping Bag waiting to be delivered.

Boomer Sitting in his Sleeping Bag waiting impatiently to be delivered…

And no toy ever leaves the studio without being tested 😀

I won’t lie I’m a little sad to see him go but I know he’s going to a great home where he’ll be loved forever!

Notes on my Free Monkey Crochet Pattern:

  1. To work this pattern you should be comfortable changing colour. And familiar with the basics of 3D construction and Amigurumi.
  2. The pattern’s written using abbreviated American English Crochet Terminology.
  3. Gauge / Tension is not important for this pattern. Remember you can change the size of your hook and thickness of your yarn to make a bigger or smaller monkey 🙂

Make Boomer The Monkey

Download this monkey crochet pattern for FREE!

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