Precious Metal Clay tools. Workshop with The World Rocks Jewellery.

5 Fun Facts About Precious Metal Clay

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On my last trip back to South Africa I spent an evening with my uncle. We looked through his collection of semi precious stones.

I learnt about the different grades and what makes some stones more valuable than others. I also saw black jade for the first time and learnt about some stones that I didn’t even know existed. At the end of the evening he gave me a peridot which is my birthstone.

Coming back to Australia I tried for months to figure out what I could do with my peridot…  Then one day my friend Cindy from The World Rocks Jewellery messaged me for a catch up.

And that’s when I had a brain spark! I decided to make a pendant with precious metal clay! I’ve always wanted to work with this medium and Cindy was the perfect person to help me!

Spending the day with Cindy I learnt so much about this fabulous material.

Here are my 5 favourite fun facts about Precious Metal Clay (PMC):

  1. Japan developed Silver Metal Clay in the 1990’s.
  2. It’s a powdered metal mixed with water and a non-toxic, organic binder. It feels and molds like normal clay but when you you fire it turns into pure metal!
  3. You can get different kinds of metal clay like gold and bronze. But silver has been around the longest (It’s what I used to make my pendant.)
  4.  Silver PMC has a much higher silver content (.999) compared to sterling silver (.925)
  5. The best part is it’s made from reclaimed silver. From waste liquids and films collected from hospitals and photographic studios.

Cindy has so much knowledge on this material. And has kindly shared a few links with me about this super awesome medium for artists: Read more here and here.


What I made

I wanted an organic shaped pendant. I finally decided to use a tomato leaf 🙂 Inspired by all the gardening I was doing.

Precious Metal Clay tools. Workshop with The World Rocks Jewellery.

Precious Metal Clay tools. Workshop with The World Rocks Jewellery.

Carefully cutting out my leaf

Precious Metal Clay tools. Workshop with The World Rocks Jewellery.

My Precious Metal Clay Pendant.

.999 Silver Tomato Leaf Pendant with my peridot birthstone

I really enjoyed working with PMC and yes I would definitely do it again. I love how it’s so hands on and you get your hands dirty!

I don’t think it will be a craft I’d invest in full time but I do see a small collection brewing!

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