Traditional chinese cooking in a wok.

Cooking – The Gene I didn’t get!

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The cooking gene obviously runs in our family but alas it’s the one I didn’t get! Which is a shame because I’d love to be able to whip up some traditional dishes that my grandfather used to make. Here’s an interview with my grandfather back in 1957, where he explains the secrets of cooking chinese food. I’m loving these vintage finds! My grandfather was also famous for his bowties which we used to watch him make everyday after school. My aunts on both sides of the family are also amazing cooks! On my most recent visit home I watched my aunt …

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Aren’t We All Just a Little Bit Weird?

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Ok so I’ve been working on a few things this week and what was quite evident is that I’m a little weird… the nice kinda a way not the creepy kind… Anyways following along this thread I started thinking about all the wonderful people in my life and how ok they are with my weirdness. Talk about unconditional love 😀 And over the last month or so we’ve met some really great people who have brought so much sunshine into our lives. And it’s a constant reminder of how lucky we are to be surrounded and supported by a whole …