Re-upcycle - Upcycling to the max! Bed sheet to Wedding Dress to Dress.


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The thing I hate with formal dresses is that you can rarely re-wear them over and over again. For a few reasons:

  1. Everyone will have seen you in the same dress you were in at the last event
  2. Formal dresses can rarely be accessorised to look like a totally new dress
  3. There’s always a chance that someone else will be wearing the same dress as you!

So with my sister-inlaws wedding coming up I had a decision to make – What the hell was I going to wear?!? Pondering on this question for months I had a light bulb moment! I’d wear my wedding dress!

And no I’m not going to be that gal 🙂 Of course I’d alter it first! So with a little bit of creativity I took on the task to re-upcycle my wedding dress.

First thing I decided to do was to dye it! What I had in mind was to have a bit of a watercolour effect happening.
Second was to reconstruct it a little so it would not only look different but would fit better! And I added a maroon lining which gave it a nice finishing touch.

From Bed Sheet….

The bedsheet that was upcycled to my wedding dress.

To Wedding Dress

Upcycled wedding dress from a bed sheet.

To Re-upcycled Dress 🙂  

I decided to reconstruct the dress to make it look slightly different to my wedding dress which was so badly constructed in the first place! I also decided that I wanted it naturally dyed to give a slight watercolour effect. Re-upcycle wedding dress final product.

Up-cycling to the MAX!

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