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Same Same but Different – A Crochet Experiment

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With all the crocheting I’ve been teaching my hands have been itching to start a project of my own.

It so happened on one of my infamous Skype sessions with my sister, Chloe mentioned she was crocheting a shrug. I figured this would be a fun crochet experiment for us to follow the same pattern and see the difference (if any) in the final product…

The Pattern

Canyon shrug by Lion Brand Yarn (free pattern) Pattern # L30117

Canyon Shrug

Their iPhone App has patterns for crochet and knitting it was a pretty cool find.
Of course they only mention their yarn in the patterns, so can be tricky if you don’t have access to their stock.

But my sister and I like to freestyle 🙂  we think that makes it more fun and allows you to be more creative with how your project ends up.

I guess if you want to follow their patterns  exactly the best thing to do would be google their product and find out what the fibre content is, to help choose the yarn for your project.

The Materials

The yarn I used, was bought in Singapore from Spotlight. It’s a big fabric and crafts store  on the 5th floor of Singapura Plaza. The closest MRT is  Dhoby Gaunt, it’s literally on top of the station. They had a massive sale the day I went in, it was hard to resist getting more stash!

The yarn I chose is a bamboo mix, comfy and soft to the touch. It crotchets up nicely but I had to be very careful not to split the yarn, whilst working up those rows.

I used a 6mm plastic hook, for the first time, weirdly I struggled to warm to it 🙁 I prefer metal or bamboo hooks.

thewongster Material

My sister stumbled on a yarn store in Linden in Johannesburg, South Africa, called Arthur Bayles. A little old lady helped her choose the thick Aran yarn and advised to use a size 8mm hook in order to gain the correct gauge for the pattern.

SuperSos Material

The Final Product

I love how our choice of colours and styling reflects the season we’re currently in at the moment. Coral- bright and light for summer and purple navy and bulky for winter. Excellent crochet experiment 🙂 and proves that creating something yourself produces something unique and one-of-a-kind!

Canyon Shrug Completed Canyon Shrug Completed Front - Canyon Shrug Back - Canyon Shrug

Arm Detailed Shot

Left – Folded Sleeve, Right – Plain Sleeve

Stich Difference

Top – Thinner yarn with a thicker hook created loose, big stitches
Bottom – Thick yarn with the appropriate sized hook created tighter, smaller stitches

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