How To Sew Reusable Cotton Pads.

Sew Up Some Reusable Cotton Pads

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Last week I shared a crochet pattern to make reusable cotton pads. And while I was making them I thought of all of you who can’t crochet (yet 😉 ) And came up with another way to make them. If you can sew you can make these too!

How To Sew Reusable Cotton Pads from Fabric Scraps:

You’ll need:

How To Sew Reusable Cotton Pads.

1. Cotton fabric scraps (I used the sleeves of old t-shirts) 2. Embroidery / Cotton thread & Needle 3. Sharp fabric scissors 4. Measuring tape / Ruler 5. Pen (optional)

I’ve made my cotton pads 8 x 8 cm. But you can make them as big as ya want

Step 1:

Cut you fabric double the size of your final square. In my case 16 x 16cm

Step 2:

Fold in half. And half again.

How To Sew Reusable Cotton Pads.

Step 3:

Use needle and thread to sew around the edge

How To Sew Reusable Cotton Pads.

Boom your done! 🙂

How To Sew Reusable Cotton Pads.

It’s a great project to practice hand sewing stitches. But you can use a machine too :-p

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