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Oh Victoria. How I ❤ You!

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Over the last 3 years of living in Australia. We’ve noticed a little pattern emerging 🙂 Every holiday we plan (or didn’t plan…) had us gravitating towards Melbourne. On our road trips, we’d explore the smaller towns around Victoria. After a couple of trips, we can officially say we LOVE this region of Australia. Now don’t get me wrong Australia is a big continent. And yes there are loads of places we’ve yet to see. But there is something about this part of the world that excites us. Our last trip took us through Bright. It’s a stunning little town with awesome …

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Eco friendly toilet paper – Who Gives A Crap

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Wait what? Eco-friendly toilet paper? When I first came about this term I had no idea that you could get bog roll that wasn’t eco-friendly. Actually I just didn’t stop to give it a second thought. Because it’s one of those robotic things I do on my grocery run. As it turns out using eco-friendly toilet paper makes a big difference! Here are 3 things I learnt about normal toilet paper: The of making toilet paper follows the same process as paper. It’s made from virgin wood pulp. That means we’re flushing our forests down the toilet. It also has to go through a bleaching process which uses …

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MSFW 2015 New Designer Exhibition

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At the beginning of the year a good friend was heading back to Melbourne for a holiday and of course I decided to make a trip and spend some quality time with her 🙂 We cracked an invited to attend the opening of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) 2015 New Designer Exhibition held at Yering Station just outside the city, which I was super excited about!! This was a free exhibition that ran from 23 January – 22 February 2015 and showcased some of Australia’s emerging designers. The opening event was small and intimate and I was able to chat …

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Road Trip Discover Victoria

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The summer of 2014 was the year I became a W-League groupie 🙂 Following Canberra United to the semi finals which was held in Geelong was the start of our awesome road trip around Victoria and it made me fall in love with Australia even more. Having done many road trips from Johannesburg to Ballito, while we were still living in South Africa, Mike and I thought we were in for a pretty intense 7 hour drive to Melbourne. However we were ecstatic by the extremely pleasant drive! Everyone on the roads were pretty civilized, they all drove in the left lane unless …

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The Tea Cosy – A Heirloom Gift

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We’ve been in Canberra for almost 17 months and making a trip to the CRAFT ACT Museum has been on my to do list since we arrived. Then the other day whilst picking up supplies for my crochet workshops I finally popped in to check it out! The space itself was much smaller than I imagined but as I walked into the space I squealed with excitement as the Portraits of a Tea Cosy was on display! The cosies were amazing bright, bold and rather elaborate. My favourite was The Emperor’s New Tea Cosy 🙂 which of course made me chuckle …

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Jennyrose Design

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A few months ago, back in winter, on my regular trips to the Old Bus Depot Market here in Canberra, I was stopped in my tracks by an intriguing dress by Jennyrose Design. The dress didn’t fit my regular style so I was surprised to be drawn to it so strongly. Firstly it was a turtle neck which I’m not a fan of, and secondly although the bottom of the dress is beautifully embroidered the floral pattern isn’t quite me. In saying that for some reason I couldn’t leave the dress alone! The more I held it the more inquisitive I got about it. …

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Three Sixty Fashion Market

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I felt my eyes light up and my heart skip a beat when I randomly stumbled across an article about a new market. This niche market is set to launch in November. It’s 100% inline with my fashion values which made me squeeeeee with delight 🙂 Needless to say I jumped on the opportunity. Applied to be a stallholder and got ACCEPTED! YAY! Three Sixty Fashion Market The first market will take place on the 23 November 2014. At the Fitters Workshop, Kingston Foreshore, Canberra. Next door to Old Bus Depot Market. From 10am till 3pm. Free Entry. You’ll find pre-loved or handmade clothing and …

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Ash & Clay Bespoke Skin Care

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After a wonderful 3 week injection of family time in South Africa, I’ve arrived back in Canberra 🙂 The long haul flights always seem to take a toll on my skin however on this particular trip I’ve returned with my skin feeling supple and hydrated. The only reason I mention this is that there is such a noticeable difference! And here’s my reason why: About 3 months ago I decided to change my skin care product, I wanted to try something a little more organic and natural. So on one of my trips to the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra I …

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The Maker’s Day 2014

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This year we were proud sponsors of The Maker’s Day 2014. This is a market styled event for crafters, designers, artists and well anyone who’s interested in making stuff. In one day you were able to try a whole bunch of mini workshops 🙂 Event Hosts and organiser Mikaela Danvers from Canberra Creatives seriously out did herself in creating a jam-packed day of FUN! FUN! FUN! Here’s a glimpse of some workshops that took place on the 06 September 2014 at the Majura Community Centre, 2 Rosever Pl, Dickson ACT. You could create a personalised artwork with Design is Yay‘s Silhouette art workshop or learn to …

ACT - Australian Capital Territory

Settling in Down Under

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Ok so it’s been a little while since my last post… We said goodbye to Cambodia and have finally landed in Australia! The last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind of an adventure, packed with all the fun that comes with figuring out the ins and outs of settling in a new country – the list has been endless but the process has been fairly straight forward. As we roll into week 4, I’m happy how everything is falling into place. Canberra is not at all what I pictured. The landscape is absolutely beautiful, there are miles and miles of …