Crowdfunding - Get behind the stuff you care about!

Crowdfunding – Get Behind The Stuff You Care About

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If you’ve never heard of crowdfunding before it’s a cool way to raise money. So if you need startup capital for new projects, causes, or entrepreneurial ventures. This could be an alternative way to raise the dosh! In all honesty it’s not to different to the old ways of fundraising. But with the internet it makes it possible to reach people on a global scale. Lots of people around the world can contribute small amounts to your project. So that you can reach that big money goal quicker. Most campaigns have awesome rewards for their backers too. Here are 3 Crowdfunding sites …

A Quick Fix for your Craft Addiction - Craft for Charity.

Quick Fix For Your Craft Addiction

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Do your friends and family sometimes look at you like you have a craft addiction? Are they starting to get suspicious when you suggest meeting for a coffee near your favourite craft store? So you’re addicted to making stuff. Yes I understand! Because I have this addiction too. I bet you’re the type of person who: Spends more money on craft supplies to make a gift. Refuses to buy something if you can make it yourself. Can’t relax without your crochet hook in hand. Your craft addiction has you hands trembling with withdrawals. And you’re desperate for your next fix. But here …

Get your Mo for Movember.

Craft a Moustache for Movember

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It’s Movember (the month formally known as November). This is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health. Of course we don’t have to wait till Movember to do this but it’s a great and fun campaign to get behind and every year it’s cool to see more men and women help spread the word that men have health issues too and there are ways to tackle them before it’s too late. Throughout the years I’ve seen many men and boys refuse to acknowledge that they have health issues, physical or …

Superhero Crochet Patterns by Mary Smith.

FREE Superhero Crochet Patterns

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Every year we’ve tried to do a thing or two for charity and this year was no different. One of our customers, who does a lot of work for the Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation, approached us to make some Superhero Characters as a donation for their annual ball, taking place on the 3 Oct 2015. Without hesitation, I took on the project to make one superhero and promised to see if I could find other people to help make the others. Looking through the superhero crochet patterns by the very talented Mary Smith I decided to make Spidey. After asking around …

Help baby kangaroos, victims of bushfires.

Help Sew a Joey Pouch

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

As we all spent January recovering from the epic festive season we look onto the rest of the year with bright eyes and bushy tails. Today I looked at my calendar and see the next “Big” event is Valentines Day. As most sit and wonder what to do for Valentines Day, I’ve decided to carry on a tradition that I started last year – Spread the Love a little wider and do something for charity. Last year I used the money, I would’ve spent on a valentines gift, and bought yarn to make a blanket for Madiba Day. The charity challenge …

Harry's Ride.

Harry’s Ride

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Back in September we were asked if we would like to participate in Harry’s Ride Charity Auction. This is an online event organised by Bunnies and Bows in conjunction with Harry’s Ride, a non-profit organisation. Small businesses around Australia were contacted to be apart of this event by donating products for the auction. The aim was to raise money for Harry, a 6-year-old boy who is in need of a kidney transplant in early 2015. So Chloe and I decided to create Lulu and Calabash especially for the event! They are one of a kind making them extra special. These two little critters will be …

67Blankets_Cyprus - Madiba Fever

67 Blankets for Madiba Day heads to Cyprus

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Back in January I started a charity challenge 67 Blankets for Madiba Day. It’s been amazing to watch so many people come together to be creative and share ideas and tips to make their blankets. The buzz that this little movement has created has been infectious and Madiba Fever is spreading further a field! Stephanie Pavlides has started the Cyprus group of Knit Wits. Post by Stephanie Pavlides. Post by 67 Blankets for Madiba Day, Cyprus Together with Kindness Cyprus. The blankets that are being made across the groups are so colourful and fun you can see and feel the energy from …

Spread the Love

A Charity Challenge: 67 Blankets for Madiba Day

Nicole Events, Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

As we roll into the month of February it’s hard not to notice all the Valentines Day messages and merchandise. What originally started as a pagan festival has become a multi million dollar money-making celebration for many retailers across the globe. I’ve personally never really understood Valentines day… Why celebrate love only 1 day out of 365??? However no matter what I think the 14th of February will always be there and for many years to come Valentines day will be celebrated and people around the world will shower their loved ones with gifts. But for me, I’ve decided to …

The Bag Lady

Upcycling Lesson in Cambodia: Turn Skirts into Bags and Shirts into Skirts

Nicole Travel

Volunteering in Cambodia has been an amazing experience. For the past few weeks I’ve been running crochet workshops teaching the women in the community how to crochet we even had a lesson on how to follow a pattern. But this week one of the ladies, Danni, wanted a break from crochet, as she prefers to sew. So I did a quick lesson in upcycling I showed her how to turn skirts into bags and shirts into skirts. Here’s what we did:   Then we turned a shirt into a skirt: We also did some mending on an old pair of …

Crochet Pattern Reading Lesson

Week Two Volunteer in Cambodia : Deciphering Code

Nicole Travel

I’m so glad my first week as a volunteer in Cambodia ended on a high note because it allowed us to seriously push the boundaries  in the second week! It would be fitting to say we had a couple of eureka moments this week. The most important one to mention was working out how to teach the women to read a pattern (as you can imagine this was like deciphering code), so that they can continue creating products once the programme came to an end! The biggest obstacle was the reading and understanding the patterns in English as none of …

Volunteer in Cambodia - Week one - The Foundation Chain.

Week One Volunteer in Cambodia: The Foundation Chain

Nicole Travel

One week in and looking back at the decision I made to volunteer in Cambodia and the crochet supplies I bought for this trip it’s the BEST investment I’ve made in my life thus far! This week has been… To be honest it’s just impossible to describe… But I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it! Who would have thought that I’d be teaching a crochet workshop in cambodia! I think I’ve set a good foundation for the teachers to continue teaching groups in the future. The women I’m teaching are incredible, they’re strong, ambitious, enthusiastic and such quick learners! They’re taking …

Supplies from John Lewis

Giving a little back, One Stitch at a Time – Teaching Crochet in Cambodia

Nicole Travel

Crochet supplies have been bought and packed and the start of our 3rd adventure for 2013, is about to begin. In a few days we’ll set off to South East Asia, where I’ll be spending 3 weeks teaching crochet in Cambodia, to women in the Psar Touch Community in Phnom Penh. Over the last year my husband Mike has been back and forth to Cambodia with a UK based charity called KungFuture, who have partnered with a local organization called Riverkids. Through sports and play they have taught the children in the Psar Touch Community basic skills about health and hygiene. …