How To Fix The Innersoles of Your Shoes.

How to fix the Innersoles of your Shoes

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

A couple of weeks ago my favourite shoes in the whole widest world fell apart!!! 🙁 The innersoles came out and one of them has a massive hole in it! To be fair I have had these bad boys for about 3 years now and almost wear them everyday. Yes they get a little stinky. Determined to fix them I pulled my studio apart to see if I had everything I needed. And lucky the Universe had my back 🙂 This is what I found. And what you’ll need if you wanna do this at home: Nice piece of thick board …

How to make shorts more fitted.

Alterations: How to Make Shorts More Fitted

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

The other day my husband Mike walked into my studio wearing his training shorts. He complained that he looked like he was wearing Dad Pants! And yes I did have to agree they were unflattering and looked like he was a 5 year old wearing his dad’s shorts 🙁 . He’s had these shorts for over 8 years and besides the horrible fit they’ve got another 30 wears in them (at least!). Mike didn’t want to throw them out but hated feeling uncomfortable in his training gear. So he asked if I could alter them for him. Thrilled by his …