Netted Orange Bags upcycle project.

Winter Is Coming! Need More Oranges!

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

08:45 on a Monday morning I find myself stuck under the armpit of a man in a business suit on my train into Melbourne CBD. Lucky for me he’s wearing cologne and not coughing on me 🙂 Because this morning EVERYONE is sniffling. Has a snotty nose or couching their lungs out! 🙁 I count my blessings but bury my head deeper into my scarf. And wish I had walked into the city instead. The germaphobe in me is screaming don’t touch anything and try not to share the same air as everyone… LOL! Impossible I know. But it’s a …

How To Fix The Innersoles of Your Shoes.

How to fix the Innersoles of your Shoes

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

A couple of weeks ago my favourite shoes in the whole widest world fell apart!!! 🙁 The innersoles came out and one of them has a massive hole in it! To be fair I have had these bad boys for about 3 years now and almost wear them everyday. Yes they get a little stinky. Determined to fix them I pulled my studio apart to see if I had everything I needed. And lucky the Universe had my back 🙂 This is what I found. And what you’ll need if you wanna do this at home: Nice piece of thick board …

Recycled Scarf Project. I turned an old scarf into mittens and a bear snood.

My Recycle Scarf Project : Old Scarf turns into 2 New Winter Accessories

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

On one of my quarterly wardrobe declutters I came across an old crochet scarf that my sister made for me. As I pulled it out I wondered why I haven’t worn it this winter… Then I noticed it’s little injury 🙁 Yes the corner of my handmade scarf got snagged on a nail. It had been sitting in my mending pile for a few months before we moved apartments. The scarf got buried in the back of my wardrobe instead of in my mending pile and I’d forgotten about it. So here I was with two options do I fix the scarf …

Collected Sticks to make art.

Art with nature

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Over the last few days we’ve experienced gusty winds and a bit of rain so as I was walking through Telopea Park today I noticed a lot of debris around me. Telopea Park is one of the oldest parks in Canberra. The trees in the park are huge and make great roosting grounds for the infamous Cockies (that’s a Cockatoo). I often walk through the park to get to the shops it’s a nice little detour when you’re on foot. I decided to collect some of the oddly yet beautiful shaped branches scattered on the grass, and thought lets make some …

Upcycle Textiles into Yarn and Crochet anything you want.

Upcycle Textiles into Yarn

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I’m super excited for my Upcycle Textiles into Yarn Workshop that I’ll be teaching at The Maker’s Hub, Canberra in September! This 3 hour workshop is a skills based opposed to project based, which means you’ll learn simple techniques to upcycle any form of textiles into yarn. The thing I love about using upcycled materials in my crochet projects is; you can transform a simple crochet (or knitting or weaving) pattern into something extraordinary! The course comes with a detailed eBook filled with pictures and instructions. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything after the workshop. I’ve also included 4 crochet patterns …

How to Upcycle a Maxi Dress into 2 New Outfits

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Going through cupboards seems to be my thing for my recent trip back to South Africa. “Shopping” in my mom’s cupboard is nothing new, my sister and I have been doing this for years now.  But this time round I got to go “shopping” in my sister’s cupboard as well! BONUS! Always the most rewarding and cheapest shopping spree 😀 And a nice way to recycle clothes. Although I pulled out lots of wonderful items, there were some that just didn’t suit me, but I loved the fabric and none of us had the heart to toss them out, so …

Pallet up-cycled to a toothbrush and shaver stand.

Upcycled Pallets – Dad’s DIY Project, Inspires Woodwork

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

If any of you have a Pintrest account there is no doubt that you’ve come across a gazillion pins on upcycled pallets that have been made into furniture, storage, decor for home or garden… the list goes on and on… Anything you could possibly imagine it can probably be done! And yes I am totally addicted to collecting DIY tips and tutorials to upcycle pallets. However with the lack of space in our apartment, actually trying any of these projects will have to be put on the back burner for a little longer. Until we have a backyard and neighbours who are further …

Make Do. MEND Those Clothes!

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

In 2011 I set myself a personal challenge: to wear a different outfit everyday AND no shopping was allowed! After about 2.5 years I did eventually break the no shopping rule during my travels in Cambodia. However during that time I did learn to make do by mending my clothes and ever since then I’ve carried on this little habbit. So yesterday I glanced over at a pile of clothes that has been growing over the past months. Inspecting each item I was reminded that each one needed a bit of tender loving care. I decided it was time to stop procrastinating …

A Bullet for my Heart.

A Bullet for my Heart – Unique Jewellery by Saomao

Nicole Travel

Ok so the title for this post is a bit dramatic…. But I did find a bullet to replace my heart… necklace that is 🙂 About 3 Christmases ago my sister gave me a tiny heart necklace which I wore everyday… Until I lost it… After a couple of months of searching for a replacement I finally found something that was suitable! On one of our excursions in Siem Reap we went to a shop near the Old Market that stocks beautiful pieces of jewellery by Saomao some of these pieces are made from old bullet casings from the war that destroyed …

Booklet added to Notebook

A Quick Bookbinding Tutorial with No Fancy Tools

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

My journal has started running out of pages and I’m not ready to start a new one just yet. So I decided add some extra pages to my existing one. That way I could keep my doodles, inspirations and other odds and sods close by if I needed to look back at my notes. And No I’m not sentimental at all… 😛 With this bright idea there was just one small challenge all my craft tools have been packed and en-route down under. After a bit of rummaging I managed to find a few thing that would do the job. …

Origami Kusudama Flowers

Night in with Wine and Origami Flowers

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

I’ve been wanting to make some origami flowers for ages and finally decided to try it out. Found a really easy tutorial here. Poured a glass of wine and away we go… I used some old printer paper that was lying around.   And some sticks, I collected on one of my evening walks in the park.   I used all-purpose UHU glue bought from Fred Aldous, to stick the bits together.     I had a drop of wine left over and decided it would be a good idea to stain the tips of the petals to give my origami …

The Bag Lady

Upcycling Lesson in Cambodia: Turn Skirts into Bags and Shirts into Skirts

Nicole Travel

Volunteering in Cambodia has been an amazing experience. For the past few weeks I’ve been running crochet workshops teaching the women in the community how to crochet we even had a lesson on how to follow a pattern. But this week one of the ladies, Danni, wanted a break from crochet, as she prefers to sew. So I did a quick lesson in upcycling I showed her how to turn skirts into bags and shirts into skirts. Here’s what we did:   Then we turned a shirt into a skirt: We also did some mending on an old pair of …

All glued together

Take a Break, Make a Pair of Shoes :-)

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

For the past week, we’ve been super busy trying to pack up our life in London and prepare for our big move to Australia. Yesterday, I found a bit of green leather, and thought it would be a good idea to take a break from all the packing and make a pair of shoes! Ballet pumps to be exact 🙂 The glue used for shoe making is really strong so it’s always a good idea to work in a well ventilated area. Miraculously it was a beautiful day in London so it was the perfect opportunity for this project and …

Dodo's Wedding

Upcycle an Old Bridesmaid Dress

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

In February 2012 I was a bridesmaid for my best friend. The dresses she chose for us were gorgeous. Elegant and flattering on all eight of her bridesmaids! Although the dress could be worn again to any black tie event, I must be honest invitations to such formal events are pretty rare for me these days… So today I decided to upcycle an old bridesmaid dress into something I’d get more wear out of also with another lot of weddings coming up I’m pretty sure it will come in handy! Upcycle an Old Bridesmaid Dress in 4 Steps: Removed the …

Wedding present made with Lego

How I made LEGO Wall Art for a Wedding Gift

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

Looking through some old photos I came across this little project that I never got around to talking about. This LEGO Wall Art was a wedding present for my sister in-law and her now husband. Unfortunately I don’t have any work in progress pics to show the step by step tutorial but hopefully I’ll be able to explain how I did it. Here’s a quick rundown of how I used Lego to DIY their Wedding Gift: LEGO DIY Wedding Gift Tools I used: Variety of LEGO bricks 1 x LEGO Baseboard 4 x LEGO Coupling Plates 2 x 2 with hole Keyring Chains …

Re-upcycle - Upcycling to the max! Bed sheet to Wedding Dress to Dress.


Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

The thing I hate with formal dresses is that you can rarely re-wear them over and over again. For a few reasons: Everyone will have seen you in the same dress you were in at the last event Formal dresses can rarely be accessorised to look like a totally new dress There’s always a chance that someone else will be wearing the same dress as you! So with my sister-inlaws wedding coming up I had a decision to make – What the hell was I going to wear?!? Pondering on this question for months I had a light bulb moment! …

Unravelling Fast Fashion

Unravelling Fast Fashion

Nicole Behind the Scenes

Unravelling Fast Fashion and how my journey began: In 2011 I decided that I wanted to start being more creative and to embrace my love for fashion. (Yes, it took me this long to actively start doing what I love!) I bought a couple of “how to” fashion books, signed up for a couple of workshops and proceeded to set myself a little style challenge – to wear a different outfit every day, but I wasn’t allowed to shop. From that I started to unravel the impact of fast fashion and the effects of consumerism. I became more conscious of textile …

My 1st Sewing Project – The Upcycled Wedding Dress

Nicole Make it. Fix it. Do it Yourself.

With our one year wedding anniversary just around the corner I thought it would be fitting to blog about my upcycled wedding dress 🙂 We decided to have a super small wedding. Actually we eloped (to our parents dismay). We got married at the registry office in Marleybone in London, with four of our friends. Still in the middle of My Style Challenge I was reluctant to buy a new dress. Also with a specific style and design in mind I was 100% positive that it would be virtually impossible to find what I was looking in 3 days! (Yes …