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Upcycle an Old Bridesmaid Dress

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In February 2012 I was a bridesmaid for my best friend. The dresses she chose for us were gorgeous. Elegant and flattering on all eight of her bridesmaids!

Although the dress could be worn again to any black tie event, I must be honest invitations to such formal events are pretty rare for me these days… So today I decided to upcycle an old bridesmaid dress into something I’d get more wear out of also with another lot of weddings coming up I’m pretty sure it will come in handy!

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Upcycle an Old Bridesmaid Dress in 4 Steps:

  1. Removed the “sash”
  2. Gathered and tucked the silk chiffon fabric under the main skirt to give a bubble effect. Pinned into place
  3. Hand sewed the silk chiffon to the waistband of the corset
  4. Carefully Trimmed off the excess silk chiffon fabric

Upcycle an old Bridesmaid Dress with simple alterations.

Upcycle an old Bridesmaid Dress to something you'd wear more

And just like that I’ve managed to turn my bridesmaid’s dress into a cocktail dress which I think I’ll get a lot more mileage out of!

I’m quite pleased with this quick fix. 🙂 Have you altered any of your old bridesmaid dresses? If so let us know what you did by commenting below, we’d love to see your handy work!

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