How to make a 5 Strand Braid.

Wanna learn to make a 5 Strand Braid?

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I love braiding my hair, it’s like weaving just without the heafty equipment but just as therapeutic. Also it’s the perfect way to hide your dirty hair 🙂 Although dirty hair is actually easier to braid than super duper clean hair.

A bit of history – My Mom is the braiding queen and everything I learnt about hairstyles was from my mom.

I remember growing up my sister Chloe and I were always complimented for our hair. We were the only kids in school with awesome braids anything from pigtails, french braid, reverse french braid to fishtail.

The best part about getting ready for school in the mornings was sitting at Mom’s dressing table and picking out our hair clips and bobbles for the day.

And when we used to do chinese dancing I remember all the girls queuing up to get their hair braided by my mom.

So when Mom asked me how to do the 5 Strand Braid on one of our weekly skype calls I knew I had to do a DYI for it! If for nothing else but to repay her for teaching me an awesome skill like braiding (well one of many awesome skills!) 🙂

Mom, I know you’re reading this, so this post is really for you and if anyone else benefits from it that’s a total bonus!

The 5 Strand Braid

Before you watch the video below there a few things you should know.

  1. In order to learn the 5 strand braid you should be comfortable braiding with 3 strands first.
  2. For this DIY I decided to demonstrate the braid using strips of fabric because it was easier to see and film
  3. Practise, practise, practise. The more you practise you’ll find ways to braid that are more comfortable for you. eg. I find it easier to make a fishtail on my left hand side but all other braids fall to my right… Weird hey!
  • My 5 Strand Braid and other braids except the fishtail fall to my right.

    My 5 strand braid and other braids, except the fishtail, falls to my right

  • My Fishtail braid always falls to the left all other braids fall to the right.

    Fishtail braid falls to my left


My DIY Video

If you do try this DIY I’d LOVE to see your braids so tag me on Instagram @onebymeforyou #onebymeforyou

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