Eco overwhelm? Start with Food.

Eco Overwhelm? Start with Food.

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You’ve embarked on your eco journey… And holy crap there’s a lot of information to take in! You feel paralysed. You wanna to make changes in your life. You wanna help the environment. Fight climate change, and make the world a better place. But there’s so much to fix you don’t know where to start! Everyday you discover a new piece of information that leads you down a rabbit hole of how we’ve fucked the planet 🙁 And you start to loose hope… I call this eco overwhelm. I’ve been there, fricking hell, I still go there! The good news is …

How to crack open a young coconut.

How to Crack Open a Young Coconut

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During our travels through Cambodia and Sri Lanka we drank a lot of young coconut water. And ate it’s delicious flesh. They made a super healthy snack while travelling through both countries. And were easy to get our paws on when the hangries struck! There are loads of nutritional benefits in coconuts. I found some great articles here  and here that’ll give you the low down. And they’re pretty tasty too! When we first arrived in Australia we notices young coconuts stacked on the shelves in the fresh food markets here in Canberra. At first we were a bit sceptical because we thought they were …

Homemade Granola Recipe.

Homemade Granola Recipe – Quick and Easy Breakfast Option

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The one thing that gives me anxiety more than seeing stuff going to landfills. Is preparing my own meals! Trying to think of food to make is like having to wake up and pee in the middle night in winter. You don’t wanna do it but you have to! Lucky for me my husband Mike does all the cooking and I’ll do all the cleaning. And the best part of this deal is Mike loves to cook and I love to clean! But for 2 weeks Mike’s in Spain coaching his football team who are playing in a tournament.  This means I have to feed myself! LOL! I …

Lonely banana. Homemade frozen yoghurt.

The Lonely Banana – Homemade Frozen Yoghurt

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In our house, we don’t ever have a problem with left overs or food waste. My husband Mike, does a great job with the grocery shopping and cooking. But over the last month or so I’ve noticed one lonely over ripe bananas sitting in the fruit bowl… Complaining to my sister on one of our Skype sessions she suggested making frozen yoghurt with our lonely banana! Here’s how… Ingredients 1 ripe banana 2 TBSP coconut sugar 2 TBSP peanut butter 1 Tsp vanilla extract 1 cup full fat plain Greek yoghurt ¼ Cup banana chips broken up into smaller pieces   …

Hearty Vegetable Stew for chilly days.

Hearty Veggie Stew

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Brrrr… It’s a little cold out there! It feels like winter’s come early here in Canberra… With Mike away again I’m back in the kitchen. With the chilly weather, I’m craving delicious and comforting winter dishes that remind me of my childhood 🙂 There are a few veggies in the fridge that were left over from the chunky vegetable soup I made the other day. Plus a bit of extras from other meals from the week.  Not gonna lie but they’re starting to look a little sad and probably need to be cooked before they get turned into compost!  So I …

Chunky Vegetable Soup Recipe for chilly weather.

Chunky Vegetable Soup Recipe

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As the leaves start turning golden brown it’s natures way of say Autumn is here 🙂 The days are filled with sunshine but there’s still a sharp chilly wind in the air. So this weather definitely calls for some warmth and comfort which can always be found in a big bowl of chunky vegetable soup! Out of all the meals I can cook I love making veggie soup the most. Because you can make a huge batch and it can last for EVER! Which means I get to spend more time crocheting and less time in the kitchen! 😀 Also I wanted to use …

Ingredients for making Basil - Cashew Pesto.

Basil-Cashew Pesto Recipe

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The great thing about growing your own food is you’re never short of fresh produce. Since starting our little urban garden our basil plants have been flourishing. And have produced leaves after leaves after leaves. Needless to say, we have more basil than we know what to do with it! The other day I got home and my husband, Mike had whipped up a batch of pesto with the freshly picked leaves out of the garden but his recipe had a little twist. Instead of the traditional pinenuts he used cashews. The cashews gave the pesto a richer creamier taste …

How to peel a kiwi fruit in 60secs.

Perfectly Peel Kiwi Fruits

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I really do enjoy the fruit Summer has to offer from raspberries, nectarines and watermelon to strawberries, mangos and kiwis – Toss ’em together and make a fruit salad or eat ’em on their own, either way, they’ll make an easy (and healthier) dessert option for all the upcoming dinner parties and shindigs 🙂 Deliciously refreshing on a beautiful Summers day!   Out of all these fruits, I have to admit that the fuzzy little kiwi is my favourite! They are sweet yet tangy and the crunchy black seeds give an interesting texture. The one thing I hate about kiwis is they can be a bit of a pain to …

Summer Rice Salad Recipe.

Zesty Summer Rice Salad Recipe

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Summer time means, fresh flavours, bright colours and delicious salad! Today I’m going to share a recipe I got from my sister, Chloe. This salad is perfect for Braai (BBQ) season 🙂 And super quick to whip up at short notice. It’s pretty much sunshine in a bowl with all the vibrant colours and is perfect for Summer! It’s packed with fresh tasty ingredients and the brown and wild rice gives it a delicious nutty flavour. Here’s the recipe: Zesty Summer Rice Salad Ingredients 150ml Brown and wild rice (uncooked) 80g Cucumber (deseeded and diced) 80g Celery (diced) 40g Red …

Wheat Free Banana Bread Recipe.

Wheat Free Banana Bread Recipe

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Gee Wiz! Is it just me or are these days just flying by? As we head well into the end of the year things always tend to speed up. Work has been mental crazy! It feels like I’m running a million miles an hour and don’t have a split second to breathe. It’s like we’re trying to cram a year’s worth of work into 3 weeks before Christmas! And when you’ve finally get a chance to take a breath.  You look at your fruit bowl. And your bananas are waaaaay past their delicious date! And they have a few extra brown …

Heart Shaped Biscuits.

Heart Shaped Biscuits

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Today I was chatting to my sister, Chloe, over Skype and she was making an anniversary present for her bf. It was such I cute idea I asked her if I could share it on my blog… How cute are these heart shaped biscuits?!?! Plus she also sent me the recipe (see below)! Eeeeeep!!! They’re coffee and dark chocolate! Oh, drool. They’ll be awesome with a cuppa tea or coffee 😉 Of course, you can use any shape cookie cutter you want! I’m totally gonna give this a go. There’s something nostalgic about cutting biscuits out with a cookie cutter – it …

Peanut Butter Cookie.

Peanut Butter Cookie! Peanut Butter Cookie!

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As I was packing up my bag to head back to Canberra, I found a zip lock bag filled with Peanut Butter Cookies. Yes, my amazing sister packed some snacks for my 16-hour flight home to Australia 🙂 I’m not sure about you but I’m not a fan of aeroplane food so I was ever so grateful this little surprise was hiding amongst my clothes. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take food off the plane so I HAD to eat them all before I landed in Australia! And yes they are YUM! I’m salivating as I type this up…. These …

How to make chocolate sauce.

Making Chocolate Sauce got my Knickers in a Twist

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My last week in Joburg and as usual I’m trying to squeeze in last-minute catch ups. So I decided the easiest thing was to have everyone round at someone’s house and to get QT with the family. My uncle offered to host and everyone decided to make a dish. Chloe of course was nominated to make dessert. Knowing that chocolate is my favourite, the night before the last supper, Chloe baked a chocolate cake and left me to add the finishing touches while she was at work. My task was to make the chocolate sauce to cover the cake and add …

Ice Cream Recipe.

Make Ice-Cream Without an Ice-Cream Maker

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The best part about going back to South Africa is I get to spend time with my sister, Chloe. And help her experiment with cool recipes in the kitchen 🙂 My favourite part is I get to be the genuine pig. It’s been super hot in Johannesburg  – we seem to have skipped Spring and jumped straight into Summer! I’m definitely not complaining but with the sun blazing down and clear blue skies it’s been perfect weather to indulge in some homemade ice-cream. This trip home Chloe wanted to try and make no churn ice cream. Which means you don’t need any …

Peanut Butter Choc Chip Cookie Recipe.

Recipe for Flourless Cookies

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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies – Flourless Baking When I returned from my travels to America I had a craving for cookies – So I called my sister in South Africa and asked her to recommend a recipe. After a bit of waiting, she came up with this one (see below) OMG! I nearly died! LOL 😀 This recipe contained two of my favourite things – peanut butter and chocolate – IN A COOKIE 😀 – who could resist! I managed to get most of the ingredients at my Bulk Food Store here in Canberra. And didn’t burn any …

Palm Sugar Tree

Palm Sugar Tree – You will be my Candy…and a few other things :-)

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Palm Sugar Trees are quite the resource here in Cambodia. There’s not a single part of the tree that goes to waste! Leaving Banteay Srei temple we stopped on the side of the road which was lined with lovely ladies making palm sugar treats 🙂 The male part of the tree produces the sap or “juice”. The stems are slit in various places and the sap is drained into bamboo containers. The containers are collected every morning by climbing up a rickety bamboo ladder. This is then boiled down till it thickens and then can be made into sugar and/or 100% pure sugar “tablet” …

The cook

Local Eats Cambodian BBQ

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I think the best way to really experience a new country whilst traveling is to taste the local cuisine like a local! And this weekend we had our first Cambodian BBQ! These restaurants are often tucked away in the streets of the main tourist track but not too far away that they’re impossible to find. You could say they’re hidden in plain sight 🙂 and can usually be recognised by their big signs like the one here. The restaurants are usually family run businesses and a lot of the staff don’t often speak english. Each table gets one or two …

Cinnamon trees

How To Make Organic Cinnamon

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Today we took a boat trip round Bird Island and met Sarath who taught us all about organic cinnamon! And I managed to document the process 🙂 How To Make Organic Cinnamon: Frist: The branches of the cinnamon tree are cut and bark of the branch is grated off Then the bark is dicarded and used for compost The exposed branch is now green, this is then rubbed with a copper rob which turns it brown in colour The branch is now sliced – once down the middle and around the top and bottom This is then peeled off And finally …