Plastic Free July.

Plastic Free July Ain’t Over Yet

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

So you took the pledge and vowed to go plastic free for July… With July coming to an end like the speed of light.  You look back at the highs and lows of your journey. You chuckle as you remember what you went through to find cheese without plastic packaging. LOL  😀 The dedication! Then you remember: The look on the waiter’s face when you said “NO straw please” as you ordered your green smoothie. – Oh yes, I’m going to be that customer today. The willpower it took for you NOT to order your morning coffee to go. Because …

Why I LOVE my period panties. And why you might like ‘em too!

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First up if you’re not a fan of talking about bodily fluids you might want to click away now. Because I’m going to explain why I LOVE my period panties. The next thing on my list to reduce waste in my life was looking at my feminine hygiene products. From the age of 15 I’ve been using sanitary pads and tampons. Again sitting down and doing the maths on the amount of waste I’ve created over the years. I wanted to find an alternative to these products. So as always I booked a coffee date with my best friend Google. …

Homemade toothpaste. Zero waste toothpaste.

Homemade Toothepaste – The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

Have you been thinking of trying homemade toothpaste? Here’s a bit of insight to what you might expect. For the last 9 months I’ve been making my own toothpaste. Because the amount of empty toothpaste tubes I was throwing away annoyed me. I did collect them for a while and have still kept them for a creative project.  But the sheer amount of empties was getting out of control! And I was running out of space to store them. So I decided to make my own toothpaste. How to make your own toothpaste: There are a few recipes out on the …

The Sad Truth About Take Away Coffee. And What To Do About It.

The Sad Truth About Take Away Coffee. And What To Do About It!

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

Have you noticed an increase in special days to celebrate specific things? Like Earth Day or World Sea Turtle Day or World Elephant Day. I find it kinda interesting that we’ve got to the point in our lives where we need to have these days. Why can’t every day be earth day and world sea turtle day and world elephant day? With that said. I found out that today is International Coffee Day! Lol ???? And it so happen that I’m writing about coffee today… Talk about serendipity ???? FACT: I love coffee. I can’t get my day started without …

Harvest Time.

Growing My Green Thumb: Harvest Time

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

Harvest time! Once all the hard work is done there’s truly nothing more rewarding than collecting the harvest 🙂 As I write this post I’m still amazed that I managed to keep my plants alive. When I started my urban garden I couldn’t imagine getting this far! So what did I manage to grow in my first year of gardening? Lots of cherry tomatoes and lots of basil! We’ve still have loads of tomatoes on the trees and I’ve decided to keep some of the basil plants indoors, hopefully they’ll keep producing leaves through winter. In hindsight I realised I …

Cabbage Loopers Our Veggie Patch Pets.

Growing My Green Thumb: Veggie Patch Pets

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

Once my little plants were moved out onto the balcony the advice online was to watch out for disease and pests. One day on patrol I found tiny black droppings on my Butternut leafs and for days I couldn’t figure out what it was. When I eventually googled: “small black poo” an article came up about caterpillars! On top of the moon that it wasn’t cockroaches I went hunting high and low to try and find the little critters. After a little while of searching I found this little guy 🙂 So I know these little guys are considered pests but damn …

Repotting Plants for container gardening.

Growing My Green Thumb: Repotting Plants

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

I’m not going to lie but everyday I woke up to see my little seedlings growing big and strong made me super excited and a little relieved that I didn’t kill them. Having come this far gave me hope that I’d have an urban garden 🙂 With all the seedlings getting their second sets of leaves (known as their true leaves) it was time to move them to their new homes. Being a total newbie with gardening I played it safe and ended up repotting all my plants twice. I did this because I didn’t want to spend any money …

Seed Saving after 7 days good seed sink to the bottom and bad seeds float to the top.

Growing My Green Thumb: Seed Saving

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

Last October when I decided I’d like to start a veggie patch just for fun ( You can read all about that here 🙂 ) I discovered a few articles online that spoke about seed saving. I thought this was an awesome idea because I’d save money on seeds starting out and was a bit of a buffer if I ended up killing my plants… In my research I found out that the stickers with the numbers on your fruit and veg are called PLUs (Product Look Up) actually tells you if they’re conventionally grown, organic or genetically modified. This …

How I started my urban garden.

Growing My Green Thumb: How I Started My Urban Garden

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

First up I want to say I’ve NEVER ever been able to grow anything before, I literally had 2 black thumbs and generally had to crochet my plants! (Read all about that here) So starting my urban garden has been a super big deal for me. And I figured if I can grow my own veggies on my balcony anyone else can too 🙂 As we head into Autumn I’m still amazed every single plant survived and most have produced an awesome harvest! That’s why I’ve decided to write up all the things I did to get my urban garden going hope you …

Soap Nut Shampoo And Body Wash.

Soap Nut Shampoo And Body Wash

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

After discovering soap nuts for laundry and being really happy with the results I started looking into other things I could use it for I found that some people used it as a shampoo and body wash so I decided to give it a go… Making soap nut shampoo and body wash is super simple all you have to do is boil the soap nuts to make a liquid. You can find a step by step in my last post about making soap nut liquid here. I mentioned that you can generally get 3 batches of soap nut liquid by re-boiling …

Make Soap Nut Liquid and use as an all purpose cleaner.

How To Make Soap Nut Liquid

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

My soap nut journey started when I was looking for a natural laundry detergent. (If you’ve never heard of soap nuts before read all about them here 🙂 ) There are 2 ways you can use soap nuts for your laundry. The first is using whole soap nuts in a wash bag. The second is making soap nut liquid. Here’s how you go about both methods: Whole Soap Nuts in a Wash Bag Place 4 – 5 nuts in a drawstring canvas or muslin bag (usually included with the purchase of your soap nuts) Tie the bag to secure Drop it …

Soap Nuts 100% Natural Cleaner.

Soap Nuts: 100% Natural Cleaner

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

The next step on my journey to living more sustainably was to find a natural laundry detergent. And it’s been three months since I first started using soap nuts as an all purpose cleaner and I’ve never been happier 🙂 There were lots of recipes to make natural laundry detergents but I liked the fact that soap nuts can be composted once you’re finished with them. So not only are they 100% natural they’re a zero waste option as well! What are Soap Nuts? Well in a nutshell (pun totally intended 😉 ) They are a berry that grow on … a sharing community in Australia.

TuShare or Not to Share. Should that be a Question?

Nicole Zero Waste Journey

About 3 months ago came across this awesome online community called TuShare. It’s an online community for people across Australia to easily share their preloved and pre-owned belongings for FREE. So what’s the catch? It’s almost too good to be true right? The good news is there’s no catch 🙂 In a Nutshell The TuShare platform was built for you to give the things you don’t want to someone who will use it and then reshare it when they don’t need it anymore. And visa-versa. This little ecosystem is all about creating a sharing economy which not only saves you money it prolongs …

My Wardrobe Collection.

My Wardrobe Collection – Recycled Fashion for Petite Women

Nicole Behind the Scenes, Zero Waste Journey

Over the past few years, my shopping habits have changed dramatically. It all started back in 2011 on my journey to unravelling fashion. As I started asking the questions – Who’s making my clothes? And where are they coming from? I became more aware of the issues around textile waste and was saddened by the effects it was having on our beautiful planet. From my journey down this rabbit hole, I made a pact with myself to be more conscious of my own shopping habits. And that’s where my love for recycled, vintage and handmade fashion began. The Conception of …